High Tea at Curly Whiskers, Melbourne

Photographer: Vanessa Kelly
High Tea at Curly Whiskers
High Tea at Curly Whiskers

High Tea at Curly Whiskers in Brighton, Melbourne offers a Parisian high tea with a twist and without the usual scones.

Upon entering Curly Whiskers, this sun-filled venue on boutique-packed Martin St in Brighton, it was pleasant to see other well-dressed guests eyeing the tiered cake stands adorned in roses and interlaced with climbing vines. The sweets and savouries sat comfortably in the centre of the arrangements, teasing my friend and I before we’d even taken a seat.

Hospitable owner Rosalin greeted us warmly and explained to us the hero of the high tea menu, the sourdough crepe. As well as being a proprietor, Rosalin is also the Food Quality Expert at Artisan House Australia; We knew we were in good hands.

As tradition goes, we worked our way up the tower of treats beginning with fine cheese and other condiments such as a walnut and fruit spread as well as fresh fruits. These thoughtfully presented pieces were already cut to the shape of the crackers, and we were thankful for how easy it was to not crumb over the table. It was the ideal beginning to a Parisian themed high tea.

While we sipped on our Cup Above English Breakfast Tea from the stunningly elegant Cristina Re teaware, our hostess asked for the room’s attention. She thanked us politely for attending the launch before pointing out she’d incorporated the star of the show (the sourdough crepe) in both the savoury and sweet delights. At this we looked inquisitively at the top plate’s delicate treasure. Sure enough, we discovered under the generous chocolate coating was a raspberry crepe, presented in the gorgeous form of a rose.

Next Rosalin announced that this was the first of many fabulous high teas that would be available on Sundays from 2.30pm before introducing and welcoming Australian designer and artist Cristina Re. The entrepreneur stood up to thank our hostess and express how proud she was that Curly Whiskers features her inspired teaware range. She briefly spoke about her passion for tea, ‘A cup of tea is an excuse to share great thoughts with great minds.’ Cristina went on to say how going for high tea was the perfect way to bond with other women and just relax. My best girlfriend and I looked around the space; Not a man in sight.

After the exciting welcoming we were intrigued to taste these sourdough crepes. I took one filled with egg and salad and could not believe how delicious it was. The crepe was soft, moist and consistent, complimenting perfectly the egg and contrasting with the crunch of the lettuce. Sceptical at first of the savoury take, I was changed on first bite. My friend and I looked at each other and nodded, yum.

Curly Whiskers is a Creperie Restaurant so we really wanted to have a Curly Whiskers twist on the traditional High Tea spread. Everything is house-made using organic flour, organic dairy and free-range eggs. As savouries, we serve Sourdough Crepes with assorted gourmet fillings. For sweet treats we serve Mille Cake (multi-layered cake made from a dozen crepes interlaced with custard-cream), Tarte Tatin (our signature dessert), and assorted petit fours made from our crepes. We also provide a cheese plate with accompaniments.

Next we were offered to try a different beverage, the Ovvio Organics Ruby Heart Tea. It is not hard to see how this intensely aromatic concoction was a winner at the 2015 Golden Leaf Tea Awards. The flavours of juniper berry, rosehip and hibiscus flower were as powerful as the ruby jewel colouring. We were also pleased to hear it was caffeine free. Rosalin kindly topped up our cups; One was just not going to suffice!

High Tea at Curly Whiskers
High Tea at Curly Whiskers
High Tea at Curly Whiskers
High Tea at Curly Whiskers
Chocolate-Coated Raspberry Crepe Rose
Chocolate-Coated Raspberry Crepe Rose

A stand out for me was the Apple Tarte Tatin (the Quince Tarte Tatin was also an option). Curly Whiskers’ version of the French classic featured the sticky caramelised apples and lightly-golden buttery pastry without being overly sweet – a great feat indeed. It was served without cream so we could appreciate its freshness. It was indeed delicious and matched my Ruby Tea perfectly (I regretted not having another slice).

Like the raspberry sweet crepe based dessert, the Matcha Mille Cake didn’t fail to impress. The twelve-layer crepe was unlike anything we’d ever seen. Although it is green tea inspired, there is enough cream and caramel sauce for you to guiltily indulge.

Curly Whiskers offers a Parisian high tea with a twist and without the usual scones. We left satisfied and full of deliciousness. It was a unique and exciting excursion made extra enjoyable by the lovely Rosalin and staff.

Curly Whiskers High Tea Menu:

  • High Tea at Curly Whiskers
    High Tea at Curly Whiskers

    Matcha Mille Cake

  • Chocolate-Coated Raspberry Crepe Roses
  • Egg & Lettuce Sourdough Crepes
  • Pastrami, Gruyere & Sauerkraut Sourdough Crepes
  • Apple Tarte Tatin
  • Quince Tarte Tatin
  • Cheese & Condiments
  • Ovvio Organics Ruby Heart Tea
  • Cup Above English Breakfast Tea


There will always be mille cake, mini crepes, savoury crepes, cheese, fresh fruit and biscuits but a unique menu will be created each week to reflect the season.


Curly Whiskers, Brighton:


124 Martin St, Brighton, Victoria, 3186


Sunday 2.30pm – 4.30pm


High Tea is $49

Prices are correct at the time of publishing, but subject to change. Please contact the venue for further details.

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