High Tea at Eden’s Table, The Westin Brisbane

Photographer: Vanessa Chircop
High Tea at Eden’s Table
High Tea at Eden’s Table

The High Tea Society visited Eden’s Table at The Westin Brisbane’s signature restaurant where they recently launched their high tea on Saturdays from 12.30pm.

Set in a beautiful sunlit room, overlooking Brisbane’s high rises in the CBD – the Eden’s Table high tea begins with its most delectable plate. The sandwiches and savouries tier truly delights. The highlights included a roast beef roll with Pommery mustard, horseradish mayo, balsamic onion marmalade and watercress. The horseradish packed a punch without overpowering the delicious flavours of the miniature roll. The Noosa prawn remoulade with fennel slaw, yuzu, avocado crème and salmon roe was mouth-wateringly moreish. The fennel slaw was the perfect companion offering a delicious crunch. This tier also included a Milawa chicken and Granny Smith apple pin wheel, a smoked salmon with finger lime whipped brie cheese and glazed asparagus (loved the unexpected zest from the finger lime but the asparagus was unfortunately too woody) and a citrus cream cheese, mint and cucumber finger sandwich. We enjoyed this with a glass of Laurent Perrier La Cuvée Champagne.

Served on Schönwald Noble China, next we enjoyed the traditional buttermilk scone and date scone. The scones were as they should be, tall, moist and fluffy. But the real treat here was the accompaniments. Served with a strawberry and rose petal preserve, lemon curd and clotted cream so heavy it could block an artery (in the best possible way). The highlight for me was the preserve. It had a sweet and subtle hit of rose without taking away from the strawberry and paired beautifully with the cream.

Finally, after flagging down a waiter to order some tea, we finished our afternoon tea with the sweets and treats. The highlights included the Choux au craquelin-blueberries cream cheese. It’s just how I like my sweets, fruity and not too rich. The passionfruit banana macaron was also a favourite. This tier also included a royal chocolate sandwich and lemon meringue tart.

Overall this high tea was pleasant and satisfying. It would suit anyone who enjoys the comfort of a crowd-pleasing high tea where you know what to expect and have the ease of knowing you will enjoy the experience.

For me, however, it lacked a story where the diner is taken on a journey and learns what inspired the chef to put these ingredients and these flavours together on these three plates. Perhaps it does have a story, but this was not shared with us. When the stand was placed in front of us, the wait staff, while perfectly lovely, did not take the time to go through each tier with us. A missed opportunity in my opinion, to tell your high tea’s story. Another criticism would be the lack of cutlery. We were only given a Studio William knife to enjoy our high tea. And while high tea is mostly eaten with your hands, we were also not provided a fork or tongs for taking items off the stand. I could be being picky here. But it is basic high tea etiquette.

I’ll let you be the judge. But it is basic high tea etiquette. All in all, High Tea at Eden’s Table is a lovely afternoon experience for anyone looking to indulge in life’s finer moments.


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Eden’s Table, The Westin Brisbane:

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Level 1, The Westin Brisbane, 111 Mary Street, Brisbane, QLD 4000


Every Saturday from 12:30pm


$55 per person with tea or coffee
$60 per person with a glass of Dal Zotto Prosecco
$72 per person with a glass of Laurent Perrier La Cuvée Champagne

Prices are correct at the time of publishing, but subject to change. Please contact the venue for further details.

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