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High Tea Venue Directory Search Results
High Tea Venue Directory Search Results


High Tea Society does not offer sponsored website articles or social media posts.


In 2021 High Tea Society received annual website traffic of 246,155 users & 489,911 pageviews.



updated 2 December 2021


Website: 34,617 pageviews a month

Email subscribers: 39,134 with an open rate average of 45%

Facebook fans: 55,778, 28 day reach of 35,346 people

Instagram followers: 23,526, with a monthly reach of 36,100.

Twitter followers: 7,030 and 5,417 monthly tweet impressions

Pinterest: 22,380 total monthly unique audience

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Demographics - Audience Age
Demographics – Audience Age
“I think the performance result indicates the incredible following High Tea Society has created.  A campaign such as ours was successful because we created a hook that caught people’s attention, but also they perceived reasonable value for the price point.”
Jay Nikolin, Sales & Marketing Manager, Hotel Lindrum Melbourne


Maxwell & Williams Campaign

This campaign to launch the new Teas & C’s collection for Maxwell & Williams Australia ran as an Instagram competition for 10 days.

The campaign was promoted with an EDM, website promotion page, posts on Instagram and Facebook and the website popup.

The results included: 1,683 likes, 5,968 comments and a reach of 36,406 people.




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Michelle Milton


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