High Tea Recipes: Create a Delicious High Tea at Home With Our Favourites

If you're searching for the perfect high tea recipes to elevate your at-home tea time experience, you've come to the right place.

High Tea Society is delighted to share a curated collection of our favourite recipes that will help you craft an exquisite high tea at home.

Whether you’re planning a charming afternoon gathering with friends, celebrating a special occasion, or simply indulging in some well-deserved self-care, our high tea recipes are here to guide you. From delightful finger sandwiches to delectable scones, and an array of sweet treats, we’ve got your high tea cravings covered.

Even with so many wonderful high tea venues, sometimes the best way to enjoy a beautiful high tea can be from the comfort of your own home. Nothing impresses guests like a stunning spread of home-cooked wonders. Craving a savoury snack? Got a penchant for pastries? Or perhaps you’re more of a sweet tooth? Any way you like your high tea, we’ve got you covered with High Tea Society’s collection of recipes.


Scone Recipes:

Scones; light and fluffy, dressed with fresh jam and rich cream are the backbone of the High Tea experience. Modern re-imaginings of the traditional recipe help to bring an array of new flavours to the table. The perfect pair for a classic scone is jam and cream. For those with the patience, homemade jam allows you to experiment with flavours outside the standard strawberry or apricot. Take inspiration form recipes recommended by the best purveyors of High Tea in the business.

Sandwich Recipes:

Another quintessential High Tea staple is the humble sandwich; simple in their construction, these small bites can deliver a punch of flavour, and are deliciously dainty amid a spread of fancy treats. View our How To Make Finger Sandwiches guide.

Sweet Recipes:

Whether you prefer bite-sized and colourfully decorated portions or a three-layer centrepiece, no tea party is complete without cake! Check out the recipes below for inspiration from some of Australia’s top Pastry chefs.



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