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City search results for Melbourne
City search results for Melbourne

A dedicated page for your venue, featuring:

  • Description of your high tea venue
  • Up to 6 photos in the gallery
  • Logo
  • Link to the high tea menu
  • Links to previous reviews
  • Booking email and phone number
  • Analytics measured include the number of searches in the Venue Directory and views of the Sponsored Venue Listings.

Venue Directory 2021 Results:

  • Annual Website traffic during, 261,227 users & 518,210 pageviews
  • Sponsored Venue Listings received 31,204 pageviews from 25,555 unique people
  • City searches 68,058 pageviews from 47,363 unique people
  • Regional searches 45,435 pageviews from 29,680 unique people



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  • UK rate: £220 for 12 month subscription


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