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Want greater exposure in the High Tea Society Venue Directory?

Set up a Sponsored Venue Listing and receive the following benefits:
  • Image appears in the gallery rotation at the top of the directory
  • Highlighted listing format in the directory
A dedicated page for your venue, featuring:
  • High Tea Society Venue Directory Search Results
    High Tea Society Venue Directory Search Results

    Description of your high tea venue

  • Up to 6 photos for your gallery
  • Your logo
  • Link to your high tea menu
  • Links to your reviews
  • Your booking contact details
  • Analytics, we track the clicks, emails and phone calls made.
2017 Directory Results:
  • Total page views: 65,262
  • Total number of outboard clicks (links, emails & phone calls): 10,990
  • AUD $399 inc gst for 12 months.
  • The charge is made in Australian dollars.
  • International rate will depend on the exchange rate at the time of making the transaction.


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