Afternoon Tea at Biscuiteers London

Biscuiteers London
Biscuiteers London

High Tea Society had an afternoon tea with a London themed twist recently at the Biscuiteers café on Northcote Rd, by Clapham Junction.

High Tea Society had an afternoon tea with a London themed twist recently at the Biscuiteers café on Northcote Rd, by Clapham Junction.

It’s a quirky twist on the traditional afternoon tea experience and since we’re in Clapham’s nappy valley, the café has plenty of room to accommodate the buggy and explore!

We begin with our choice of drinks and I like that it’s not a requirement to stick to the traditional tea and rather you can have anything you like, even including a milkshake which my afternoon tea companion eagerly jumps on as she’s not a fan of tea.

That seems very untraditional to me so of course I opt to have a fragrant Earl Grey and it’s served in a bright and chunky red striped teapot complete with matching cups and saucers rather than the fragile china of the traditional sort.

A matching stand comes winging its way to us laden with sandwiches, scones, cakes and macarons. The sandwiches have the usual traditional fillings but they’re not dainty or delicate but chunky and generously filled. Smoked salmon comes with a healthy dollop of cream cheese and the cucumber and chive sandwich has even cream cheese in it and you know that the sandwiches are excellent when you fight over the last smoked salmon one.

The scones, cakes and macarons are all happy accompaniments but there are also of course the signature Biscuiteer specials, the iced biscuits!

The iced biscuits are almost too cute to eat and they’re decorated to highlight the place we’re in, the London tube symbol with Northcote Rd on it, which is the address of our location, a cute little red post box and a Brownie flavoured with the icing of the Union Jack.

There’s also an almondy Battenburg cake, fairy cakes and macarons and if you are wondering how on earth we managed to eat it, then the answer is of course that we did not manage to, even though we did try desperately hard. But in the end, we simply had to pack some things up and take them home for the husband to try.

Biscuiteers run many special events, you can have birthday parties and if you want to make your very own pretty biscuits, you can even attend an icing session to learn how to do it all yourself and I went along one evening to learn how to ice and see if I can replicate the Biscuiteers’ famous technique for myself!

Glasses of Prosecco and cake treats are on hand to nibble on as we’re taught how to ice by the resident master biscuit icer and while she makes it look ever so simple, it’s really not as easy as it looks and my paltry attempts look nothing at all like the biscuits dotted around for sale and even the other ladies are managing a better job than I. It is such fun making my own little treats though that I find that I don’t really mind that they’re not exactly turning out like professional morsels. But on the whole, I think it’s best to leave it up to the masters and concentrate on what I do best and enjoy the baking wholeheartedly.

Biscuiteers Afternoon Tea Menu

A selection of the Biscuiteers iconic biscuits
– Traditional British finger sandwiches
– Freshly baked scones with jam and clotted cream
– Macarons
– Union Jack Brownies
– Battenburg cake
– Mini cupcakes
– Tea & Coffee

Biscuiteers London:

18 Stannary Street, London, SE11 4AA


Bookings are required and you will need to pay for the afternoon tea in advance.


Afternoon tea is priced at £48 for two people

Prices are correct at the time of publishing, but subject to change. Please contact the venue for further details.

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