High Tea at Firewater Grille, Duxton Perth

High Tea at Firewater Grille, Duxton Perth, photo: credit Duxton Perth
High Tea at Firewater Grille, Duxton Perth, photo: credit Duxton Perth

The Perth Duxton has really upped the ante, and then some since my last visit, and here’s why.

Before I talk about the delicious menu, I have to mention the walk to the high tea venue, the Firewater Grille, in the hotel. In the foyer is one of the grandest chandeliers you’re ever likely to see. If that wasn’t enough, when I was escorted to my seat, I heard the mesmerising tones of a live harpist to the right of my table. I was then presented with a flute of bubbles to soak up the decadent atmosphere. I also partook in a mocktail, the Strawberry Nojito because it sounded so delicious and refreshing, and it was.

It wasn’t long before the waiter, complete with white gloves, placed my three-tiered tower of sweet and savoury treats at the table. My first impression was wow, the presentation was pretty as a picture, so I took a minute to take everything in.

The assorted mushroom tart with goats cheese and truffle oil was the first savoury to catch my eye, so I started with that, and what a way to begin the high tea. I was immediately impressed by the fact that it was warm, and then the buttery shell housing all the amazing ingredients was the icing on the cake. I then opted for the circular cucumber sandwich with cream cheese and aioli, with extra points for the fanned cucumber on top. The brioche with chicken terrine, rosemary, and berries had some kick to it thanks to the togarashi mayo, while the smoked salmon tartar with capers and beetroot mousse on a squid ink bun was a refreshing end to the savouries.

It was then time to move on to the scones, and what goes with scones? Tea! So, I promptly ordered a vanilla and mint peppermint Silk Estate tea, which smelled delicious and tasted just as good. The Duxton boasts some of the best scones going around, and this visit did not disappoint. Paired with the strawberry compote and cream, both the raisin and plain (which was anything but) were perfection on a plate; everything from the buttery crust to the fluffy centre was a-mazing!

The remaining four desserts looked almost too good to eat. I started with the Mont Blanc aka chestnut cream, and blueberry compote with vanilla Chantilly in a mini cup. The layered dessert got better and better with every spoonful. While the mango whip ganache dome with mango insert and white chocolate disc on top really celebrated the popular fruit.

The mini red finger boasted a red berry cream on a Pain de Genes sponge or French almond cake that simply melted in the mouth. I finished up the afternoon with my customary chocolate treat. On this occasion, it was a glistening chocolate petite gateau with a surprise inside: passionfruit curd. The unconventional combination initially threw me but then won me over quickly.

The Firewater Grille High Tea at the Duxton was a delight from start to finish. The ambience was tranquil and luxurious, while the delicious menu was everything you expect from a high tea and more. The gluten-free option is equally impressive.

This high tea is available on Sundays from 1pm to 4pm, and packages start at $70 for teetotallers, up to $95 with a glass of Daosa sparkling, and there is even a kid’s high tea for 3–12 year olds for just $40.
So go ahead and reserve your table today; your senses will thank you for it!


Firewater Grille High Tea Menu:

Cocktail, photo credit: Liz Campbell
Cocktail, photo credit: Liz Campbell


  • Cucumber And Cream – Cheese Cucumber Slice, Spinach Milk Bread, Aioli
  • Rosemary And Berries Chicken Terrine – Brioche, Togarashi Mayo, Chives
  • Smoked Salmon Tartar – Capers, Squid Ink Bun, Salmon Caviar, Fine Herb
  • Mushroom Tart – Assorted Mushroom, Truffle Oil, Fine Herb


  • Mont Blanc – Chestnut Cream, Blueberry Compote, Vanilla Chantilly
  • Mango Sphere – Mango Whip Ganache, Mango Insert
  • Chocolate Petite Gateaux – Caramelised Milk Chocolate, Passion Fruit Curd
  • Red Berry Finger – Red Berries Cream, Pain De Genes Sponge, Mixed Berry Jam


  • Traditional And Raisin Scones – With Clotted Cream And Berry Compote


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Firewater Grille, Duxton Hotel Perth:

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No. 1 St George's Terrace, Perth WA 6000


Sunday 1 - 4pm


$70 Free-flowing gourmet tea & barista coffee.
$80 Glass of house sparkling, and free-flowing tea & barista coffee.
$95 Glass of Daosa sparkling, and free-flowing tea & barista coffee.
Kids High Tea: $40 (3-12years old) free flowing soft drinks & tea

Prices are correct at the time of publishing, but subject to change. Please contact the venue for further details.

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