Bottomless High Tea at Grand Orient at The Melbourne Hotel, Perth

Grand Orient, The Melbourne Hotel in Perth
Grand Orient, The Melbourne Hotel in Perth

The Melbourne Hotel in Perth boasts a rich history. Built in 1897, the iconic location is home to the Grand Orient’s bottomless high tea, An Oriental Tea Affair.

When I walked into the venue, I was immediately impressed by the original features of the building. Once seated, I was keen to try one of the mocktails and opted for the Lemongrass and Jasmine Illusion. It was both refreshing and bursting with flavour akin to lemon barley.

The three-tiered sweet and savoury tower then came out, and I was instantly struck by the two levels of savouries, something you don’t normally see in a high tea.

I began on the bottom tier with two beautifully barbecued tiger prawns. The chili butter was subtle and allowed the shellfish flavour to shine. Sticking with the seafood theme, I then devoured the scallop dumpling with tobiko (fish roe). Yum! Staying on the bottom tier, I loved the crispy spring roll with truffle, which, true to its word, provided a lot of crunch.

It was then time to move onto the top and final tier, the three desserts, which were accompanied by a T2 peppermint tea. The Green Tea-Soaked Ladyfingers with Matcha Mascarpone layers did not disappoint. The subtle layers of sponge and cream with chocolate trim were the perfect chaser to the rich, meaty flavour of the beef slider. The dish of the day was next; the Spiced Mandarin Panna Cotta with Orange Jelly was a-mazing! The creamy layers were perfectly showcased in a round glass, and every mouthful was better than the last. I finished up the day with the fruity, handcrafted macaron.

An Oriental Tea Affair at the Melbourne Hotel in Perth lives up to its name. The menu is delicious and a wonderful homage to the Orient. It offers great value for money, with three packages on offer, starting at $65, up to $89, which includes bottomless cocktails from Lychee Martini’s to Grand Orient’s Tangerine Iced Teas.

Do your palette a favour and make a booking today. They have two sittings, 11:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. on Saturdays (only), and both run for two hours. Sound was an issue, with large groups dominating the room, so request a table away from any large bookings if you’re a smaller group. A vegetarian option is available; don’t forget to mention it at the time of your booking. Unfortunately, they currently don’t offer a gluten-free menu.

Grand Orient, The Melbourne Hotel in Perth
Grand Orient, The Melbourne Hotel in Perth

Bottomless High Tea Menu:

  • Signature Peking Duck Cognac Pate Toast
  • Crispy Spring Rolls with Truffle
  • Oriental Black Pepper Wagyu Beef Slider, Charcoal Sesame Brioche
  • Crystal Scallop Dumpling with Tobiko
  • Chilli Butter Skull Island Tiger Prawn, Chilli Threads
  • Handcrafted Macaron
  • Spiced Mandarin Panna Cotta with Orange Jelly
  • Green tea-soaked Ladyfingers, Matcha Mascarpone layers


Includes bottomless coffee, tea and mocktails


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Grand Orient, The Melbourne Hotel:

33 Milligan Street, Perth WA 6000


Saturdays 11am - 1.30pm


Simple High Tea $65 PP
Includes bottomless coffee, tea and mocktails

Classic $79 PP
All things simple plus bottomless sparkling wine

Oriental Odyssey $89 PP
All things classic plus bottomless cocktails

Prices are correct at the time of publishing, but subject to change. Please contact the venue for further details.

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