High Tea at The Third Tier, Melbourne

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High Tea at The Third Tier
High Tea at The Third Tier

The Third Tier is a gorgeous High Tea venue in the heart of one of Melbourne’s artistic, trendiest suburbs Brunswick East.

In the midst of a concrete jungle, it’s a gem bringing elegance, luxurious furnishings, and a menu encapsulating High Tea experiences globally. The Third Tier is the perfect venue for people from all walks of life, with its gorgeous atmosphere and a menu that should delight any high tea lover wanting a temporary reprise and escape from harsh city skylines.

The Third Tier is located in the heart of the artsy suburb of Brunswick East, which is the perfect venue for your next High Tea experience, function or event.

The décor is a testament to the love and attention the owner, Reem has put into it. There is an ethereal interior and atmosphere when you enter The Third Tier; the side of the venue has a stunning collection of three Renaissance-style mirrors that catch the light, reflecting it off the cutlery. Along with the blue statement walls with a gold art deco piece, stunning table setups and marble flooring, it creates an ethereal and vibrant atmosphere.

Featuring a combination of art deco-inspired décor, The Third Tier’s furnishings are reminiscent of luxurious Parisian tea rooms and buildings. Golden and white handcrafted mahogany seats create an elegant atmosphere that echoes the Ritz London; the tables are decorated with gleaming Vera Wang cutlery and Noritake delicate fine china and Renaissance gold Wedgwood bone china dishes, alongside a lavish floral arrangement as a centrepiece, complemented by green plants and mirrors that create a warm, elegant and genuinely picturesque setting for photographs.

An additional appealing feature of the venue is a stunning sky mural on the ceiling and an elegant sparkling chandelier, which recreate the ambience and decadence of high tea rooms in Britain and France. There is an air of decadence and ethereal beauty about the venue. Patrons at The Third Tier are dressed to the nines, with everyone sporting stylish attire that matches the elegant nature of the venue.

Upon arrival, we were greeted with excellent customer service. It was a pleasure to be welcomed with an exquisite sparkling rose fresh mocktail, delightful food, and an extensive collection of unique and delicious teas. Among the tea options offered by the Third Tier are the Third-Tier blend, Lady Gray, Moroccan Mint, Blue Tango Tea, Jasmine, Sencha Green, Lemongrass, and Ginger. Blue Tango Tea is my favourite; it has a gorgeous blend of rose petals, blue butterfly pea flowers, lemon myrtle, and more. The tea is a magnificent shade of blue and tastes like a beautiful spring day, with its floral elegance coming through with every sip.

The real winner of The Third Tier is its gorgeous three-tier cake stand centrepiece, which includes mouth-watering savoury and sweet treats delicately arranged in a striking artistic arrangement.

Two sandwich varieties are nestled on the bottom tier: the chicken and cranberry sandwiches and the egg gribiche sandwich, as well as panko prawn bao buns with kewpie mayo and hoisin sauce and the slow-cooked lamb bao buns with tzatziki.

The egg gribiche sandwich was light, well-seasoned, tasty at each mouthful and the perfect start to the tier.

The chicken and cranberry sandwich is the most delicious sandwich I’ve ever tasted; it’s creamy, moist, and deliciously tart from the Dijon mustard and cranberries.

Elevating the traditional high tea sandwich to a new level with the delicious panko prawn bao buns with tangy hoisin and kewpie mayo, The Third Tier captures lovely, fresh and more-ish flavours that reflect Melbourne’s multiculturalism.

With the delicious marriage of the tzatziki and the perfectly cooked lamb, the 12-hour smoked lamb bao is simply divine.

The middle-tier menu includes a mushroom and leek quiche. The pastry is exquisite, and the mushrooms and leek make an excellent combination, alongside the deconstructed beef wellington, a delicious blend of flavour and tenderness.

The Third Tier’s menu contains delicious, perfectly cooked items you’ll love. The Beef Bolognese Arancini is exemplary here: crunchy on the outside with a delectable taste that captures the exquisite flavours of two traditional Italian dishes. Among the delectable treats we tried were the potato coquettes – a delicious balance of crunchy, soft, and light – and the prawn brioche with a yummy slaw underneath the burger patties.

The top tier consisted of delicious sweet treats, a colourful array of sensory delights like macarons, lemon tarts, cannoli and a chocolate and hazelnut slice.

Our first treat was the mini lemon tart with seasonal fruit; the crispy pastry was phenomenal, with a creamy and smooth filling of Indigenous lemon myrtle and seasonal fruit.

Then there was the Hazelnut Mille-feuille. This delicious dessert has a biscuit base, three gooey milk chocolate ganache layers, and whipped hazelnut cream on top. With the delightful hazelnut pieces inside the ganache, this dessert was deliciously creamy, crunchy blend and every chocolate lover’s dream.

The Raspberry and Cream Macarons were my favourites of the tier. They reminded me of the show Gossip Girl from the early 2000s and tasted like an ice cream sandwich with just the right balance of elegance, sweetness, and nuttiness in the macarons, which bring joy and freshness to your palate.

The delicious crispy cannoli with a creamy vanilla centre had striking flavours and featured a subtly sweet, crisp shell and a creamy, smooth vanilla ricotta filling.

As a final treat, we enjoyed The Third Tier’s fluffy and light scones topped with freeze-dried raspberries and served with homemade jam and cream. Each bite of the scone was gorgeously soft and smooth, with a hint of sweet tanginess and buttery goodness complimented by the delicious and tangy homemade jam, made from organic fresh fruits that reminded me of the jam you get at the farmer’s market, paired with delicious cream.

The Third Tier Sapphire/Diamond High Tea menu:

  • 2 Egg gribiche sandwiches
  • 2 chicken and cranberry sandwiches
  • 1 Panko prawn bao with kewpie mayo and hoisin sauce
  • 1 Lamb bao with tzatziki
  • 1 Beef Bolognese aranchini
  • 1 Potato coquette
  • 1 Deconstructed beef wellington
  • 2 Mushroom and leek quiche
  • 1 Prawn brioche burger
  • 2 Mini lemon tarts with seasonal fruit
  • 2 Hazelnut mille-feuille
  • 4 Raspberry and cream macarons
  • 2 Crispy cannolis with a creamy vanilla centre
  • Scones with homemade jam and cream and freeze-dried raspberry topping


Our server was pleasant and keen to engage with us, and the staff provided excellent customer service for us and to all patrons at the seating.

The Third Tier’s refreshing high tea experience, scrumptious dishes, lovely tea selection, delicious menu, and fantastic customer service created a truly unforgettable experience that was worth every penny and left a pleasant taste in our mouths.

Each element of the menu is carefully considered, from the allergy and food intolerance options to the vegan and vegetarian options, bottomless beverages and non-alcoholic bubbly upon arrival. As someone allergic to pistachios and cashews, the staff prepared each dish with my allergy in mind. As a bonus, each vegan and vegetarian high tea experience costs only $5 more per person.

There was something for everyone on the sophisticated Third-Tier menu with touches of Italian, French, British, and Vietnamese flair, along with scones, tea, and mocktails that were out of this world. We highly recommend it for a relaxing afternoon or morning out and for a high tea experience, you will never forget.

We left satisfied and happy with all the food. It was a gorgeous afternoon out, and the lovely staff made the high tea experience enjoyable. They were attentive and welcoming in every aspect of our high tea experience.


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The Third Tier:

122 Nicholson Street, Brunswick East, VIC, 3057


Wednesday-Friday: 10 am-3 pm
Saturday-Sunday: 10 am- 5 pm


· $75 pp: Diamond Deluxe High Tea
· $55 pp: Sapphire Savoury High Tea
· $40 pp: Bao Savoury Tier
· $35 pp: Ruby Mini High Tea
· $30 pp: Children’s High Tea (under 12)
· Mocktails: Glass of bubbles $8, Espresso and Hazelnut Martini, Hibiscus Pomegranate mojito, Lemon myrtle margarita, lemon, lime & orange bitters $12.90

Prices are correct at the time of publishing, but subject to change. Please contact the venue for further details.

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