High Tea at Lobby Lounge, The Westin Singapore

Photographer: Chan XI
High Tea at the Lobby Lounge, The Westin Singapore
High Tea at the Lobby Lounge, The Westin Singapore

Enjoy your afternoon tea at one of Singapore’s highest hotel lobbies, The Westin Singapore with a specially curated menu just for International Women’s Day.

Located on the 32nd floor of The Westin Singapore, it was a feast for the eyes as we overlooked the scenic views of Marina Bay. The high ceiling and full glass windows at the Lobby Lounge also accentuated the spaciousness and brightness of the space, and of cos that also means good natural lighting for amazing pictures of our Seafood Afternoon Tea.

I always start with the savoury classics – the sandwiches. The Smoked Salmon Sandwich topped with salmon caviar was not only presented elegantly but it was as sophisticated as it looked. Never belittle a Cucumber Sandwich. It was light and surprisingly refreshing, reinvigorating our palettes for what’s to come next – the Lobby Lounge Signature Lobster Thermidor served with champignon mushrooms, mustard and mozzarella cheese. The lobster chucks were thick and were substantially coated with sauce, albeit like seafood chowder but richer in texture and flavour.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Chef had specially designed the desserts around a floral theme, incorporating either floral designs or flavours. But also ensuring a well-balanced flavour profile with a good mix of sweet and tangy components that kept us going to the last piece of dessert!

My eyes were immediately drawn to the magenta coloured Lavender Macaron. I don’t think I’ve seen a shade of macaron as beautiful and luxe as this. It has a chewy texture, definitely for those who prefer their macarons to be slightly denser. My personal favourites would have to be Rose Financier which had a light crisp on the outside but moist on the inside, and also the Raspberry Chocolate Cake, which checked all the boxes for being a good chocolate cake – moist, fudgy, but not too dense. The Manjari Passion Floral Mousse was also fun to have – with so many flavours packed in a small cup, every mouthful felt like a mini explosion going on.

Finally, we have a selection of Assorted Kueh and Local Delights, showcasing some of the popular favourites of Singapore’s traditional snacks – multi coloured steamed kueh lapis, kueh salat (green top with glutinous rice below), multi layered baked kueh lapis and steamed tapioca kueh. Coconut milk and pandan leaves are the main ingredients used in most traditional kuehs, giving them its fragrance and a taste of nostalgia, especially for locals.

Lobby Lounge serves tea from a locally established brand, TWG. Offering 11 classics including the silvermoon green tea, vanilla bourbon red tea and an oolong prestige black tea. Guests may also opt for their TWG Signature Tea Cocktail, made from vodka, TWG waterfruit green tea, fruity syrup, lemon and blueberry.

All in all, at S$45++ per person, you do get a decent variety of both sweet and savoury items, including half a lobster each. Plus you get to enjoy a fantastic view from one of the highest hotel lobbies in Singapore. I would say it offers good value for money and definitely worth a visit. Do note that the Special menu only runs till the end of March 2021.

High Tea at Lobby Lounge, The Westin Singapore Menu:

High Tea at the Lobby Lounge, The Westin Singapore
High Tea at the Lobby Lounge, The Westin Singapore


  • Crab Roll – brioche, mustard, caper, lime
  • Smoked Salmon Sandwich – brioche, cream cheese, fresh dill, salmon caviar
  • Cucumber Sandwich – soft herb, cream cheese, white bread
  • Lobby Lounge Signature Lobster Thermidor – champignon mushroom, mustard, mozzarella cheese


  • Rose Financier
  • Lavender Macaron
  • Raspberry Chocolate Cake
  • Assorted Kueh and Local Delights
  • Violet Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Vanilla Bean Scones
  • Citrus, Cassis Meringue Tartlets
  • Manjari Passion Floral Mousse


You may highlight any dietary restrictions while making your reservations, preferably 2-3 days before your visit so Chef can make the necessary arrangements.


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Lobby Lounge, Westin Hotel Singapore:

12 Marina View, Asia Square Tower 2, Singapore, 018961


Mondays to Fridays: 2:30pm to 5pm
Saturdays and Sundays: 2pm to 4pm, 4:30pm to 6:30pm


- S$45++ per person, inclusive of a pot of TWG tea or a cup of coffee
Top us S$3++ for a second refill | S$10++ for a glass of Prosecco | S$45++ for a bottle of Prosecco (limited to one bottle per set)
- S$108++ for two persons, inclusive of two glasses of TWG Signature Tea Cocktail*
Top us S$15++ for a second glass of TWG Signature Tea Cocktail
- S$188++ for two persons, inclusive of a bottle of Champagne*

*Tea and coffee not included. Top us S$3++ for a pot of TWG tea or a cup of coffee.
Prices are subjected to 10% service charge and 7% GST.

Prices are correct at the time of publishing, but subject to change. Please contact the venue for further details.

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