Interview with Lord Wedgwood

Our video interview with the late Lord Wedgwood from his visit to Australia in 2011.

The late Lord Wedgwood was speaking at the Wedgwood Morning Tea event at the Myer Mural Hall in Melbourne in May 2011 and we where lucky to have a chance to ask him a few questions before the event.

Interview with Lord Wedgwood in 2011 from High Tea Society on Vimeo.

Piers Anthony Weymouth Wedgwood, 4th Baron Wedgwood (20 September 1954 – 29 January 2014) was the fourth Baron Wedgwood of the pottery dynasty. After initially following a military career, he later worked as an international ambassador for the Wedgwood company.

“I actually spent the first years of my life in Africa where it was a bastion of the British Empire and of course everything is done in a various way. The kettle was always on as a boy.”

“Tea has become increasingly an occasion to get together. Here in Australia tea is a part of life.”

“Taking afternoon tea is something I really enjoy in our busy, crazy lives today.”

“A place I believe where everyone who enjoys tea should go is, the mecca of English afternoon tea is the new refurbished Savoy. That room is magnificent.”

Michelle Milton

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