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Did you know that Endometriosis is a disease that affects 1 in 10 women? That’s approximately 200 million women and girls worldwide.

I attended the EndoMarch High Tea event at Crown Melbourne as part of the global Endometriosis awareness day activities on Saturday the 8th of April 2018. Endometriosis Australia hosted EndoMarch High Tea events in Brisbane, Sydney, Wollongong, Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide and Perth to help raise awareness, provide education and to raise funds for research of this very important health issue.

EndoMarch High Tea
EndoMarch High Tea

Endometriosis Australia Ambassador and Breakfast Radio Presenter at K rock 95.5FM Geelong, Sarah Maree Cameron was a pocket rocket of energy on the stage as the Mistress of Ceremonies.

Actress Christie Whelan Browne gave the keynote presentation sharing her emotional journey about living with and ignoring her Endometriosis.

Dr Catrina Ang gave presentation about the history of the disease and how women have been treated across the time.

Women’s and Pelvic Health Physiotherapist Hayley Irving talked about the importance of having a range therapies, including physiotherapy in your treatment plan.

And finally the lovely Donna Ciccia, Director and Cofounder of Endometriosis Australia thanked the team who had helped create the events across Australia.

What is Endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a common disease in which the tissue that is similar to the lining of the womb grows outside it in other parts of the body. 10% of women suffer with endometriosis at some point in their life with the disease often starting in teenagers. Symptoms are variable and this may contribute to the 7 to 10 year delay in diagnosis. Common symptoms include pelvic pain that puts life on hold around or during a woman’s period. It can damage fertility. Whilst endometriosis most often affects the reproductive organs it is frequently found in the bowel and bladder and has been found in muscle, joints, the lungs and the brain.In a Australian government report, endometriosis is reported to cost Australian society $7.7 billion annually with two thirds of these costs attributed to loss in productivity with the remainder, approximately $2.5 billion being direct healthcare costs.
Information source Endometriosis Australia

Endometriosis Symptoms

  • Fatigue
  • Pain that stops you on or around your period
  • Pain on or around ovulation
  • Pain during or after sex
  • Pain with bowel movements
  • Pain when you urinate
  • Pain in your pelvic region, lower back or legs
  • Having trouble holding on when you have a full bladder, or having to go frequently
  • Heavy bleeding or irregular bleeding

Information source Endometriosis Australia


Women’s and Pelvic Health Physiotherapist Hayley Irving talked about the importance of having a range therapies, including physiotherapy in your treatment plan.

To learn more visit the Endometriosis Australia website.


High Tea Society was an official supporter of the Endometriosis Australia EndoMarch campaign 2018.


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