Pink High Tea at The Westin Perth

Photographer: Michelle Milton
The Westin Perth
The Westin Perth

The Westin Perth Pink High Tea is the perfect way to spend a lazy afternoon from 12-4. Priced at a very respectable $55 pp through to $75 with a glass of Moet Rose, you can’t go wrong.

Situated in the Haven Lounge in the hotel lobby, I was very keen to try their wares given this 5-star hotel is the new kid on the block having opened barely twelve months ago. The first thing that struck me was how spacious the ‘Lounge’ is and the dappled light was just right, never mind the rather impressive Rose Moet tower that resided next to our table. Once seated, it wasn’t long before I had a glass of the very same in my hand.

It was the perfect accompaniment to the three tiered tower of sweet and savoury delights that appeared before me. I’m always impressed when each person gets their own tower, and then there was the beautiful place setting where the napkin cocooned the cutlery. The love continued for the glass teapots, cups and sauces and the three minute mini hourglass sand timer to let your JING tea do its thing (there is also ‘Westin’ Five Senses coffee blend on offer), and this is all before I’ve even taken my first bite and that didn’t disappoint either…

Pink High Tea at The Westin Perth
Pink High Tea at The Westin Perth

I’m talking about the prawn and crustacean mayonnaise on tomato bread. The finger sandwich was brimming with tasty Shark Bay prawns and the mayonnaise gave it an extra seafood kick. Next up was the baby brioche roll with egg, mayo and truffle oil. The roll was light and the egg and mayo worked well together but the hero of the dish was definitely the Margaret River truffle oil, so moreish!

I had barely recovered from just how good that was when I was slapped with dish of the day, potted salmon, pea cream with yesterday’s crisp breads. Wow, where do you start?! It looked amazing with the salmon base and pea cream topping. It was also a nice touch to dip the crisp bread that had been dried out and then baked with a drizzle of Silver lakes olive oil, before I devoured the rest with a spoon. I could’ve dined on that English classic all afternoon.

I wrapped up the savouries with the whipped Gidgegannup goats cheese tart with beetroot and mountain pepperberry. I will admit I wasn’t overly familiar with the superfood, pepperberry but it added an extra oomph as the beetroots were pickled in a mountain pepperberry pickling liquor. It was a refreshing conclusion to a very impressive array of savouries.

The ‘Sweet Delights’ also lived up to their name, starting with the dramatic Rose and Raspberry Opera. When one of the ingredients is Moet Rose you know you’re in for some well-deserved luxury. The first thing that struck me was how pretty it looked on the plate with the pink and white striped layers. Throw almond sponge and raspberry confit into the mix and you have a very decadent sweet treat indeed.

My chocolate fix was a welcome surprise in the Raspberry Supreme. The flourless chocolate cake and milk chocolate cream was encased in a raspberry dome. It had just the right balance so as not to be too rich and the chocolate mousse-like filling was a big hit!

You could almost see your own reflection in the Lychee and Strawberry Pettit Gateaux, thanks to the rose mirror glaze. This dessert was a standout for me as the first bite reminded me of Turkish delight, a flavour that generally divides people. Luckily I’m a big fan so the sweet strawberry and lychee centre with rose Chantilly was a two-bite delight.

Head Pastry Chef Kiran Jetti
Head Pastry Chef Kiran Jetti

The Pistachio Cherry Tart was a delicate balancing act, literally, consisting of a pistachio financier (or small cake) base, followed by Morello cherry jelly and amarena cherry. This was the ‘fruitiest’ one in flavour on the menu so it was the perfect chaser to the much sweeter strawberry gateux.

My last sweet treat for the day was a scone with a difference. It was more akin to a mini cranberry and blueberry muffin, with vanilla Chantilly cream and housemade berry jam. The crusty exterior gave way to a surprisingly light and fluffy centre, a definite highlight.

The Pink High Tea certainly lives up to its name. You can see great consideration has been taken to not only deliver what it promises but it’s also bursting with flavour at every turn. This promotion only runs until the end of May 2019 so don’t delay, book today, you won’t be sorry!


Pink High Tea Menu:

Sweet selection
Sweet selection


  • Fremantle free range egg mayo, baby brioche roll, local truffle oil
  • Shark bay prawn, crustacean mayonnaise, tomato bread
  • Potted salmon, pea cream, yesterday’s bread crisp
  • Whipped goats cheese tart, pickled beetroot, mountain pepperberry


  • Berry crumble scones, jam, vanilla cream Morello cherry tart
  • Moet Rose Opera
  • Raspberry supreme
  • Lychee & strawberry petit gateaux


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Haven Lounge at The Westin Perth:

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480 Hay Street, Perth WA 6000


Available until the end of May 2019


$55 per person
Including unlimited coffee, tea and herbal infusions
$65 per person
Including a glass of Cape Mentelle Rosé
$75 per person
Including a glass of Moët & Chandon Rosé champagne
$30 per child (4 - 12 years)

Prices are correct at the time of publishing, but subject to change. Please contact the venue for further details.

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