Blueberry Friand Recipe

Blueberry Friand, from The Hatter & The HareBlueberry Friand, from The Hatter & The Hare
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Serves 12
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Blueberry Friand recipe from the High Tea at The Hatter & The Hare.

A Friand is a well-known staple to any High Tea. The dainty dessert is a light and fluffy cake with berries strewn throughout. Served either warm or at room temperature, a Friand is the more chic and refined cousin of the humble berry muffin.

The Hatter & The Hare High Tea
The Hatter & The Hare High Tea

The Hatter and The Hare, located in the Melbourne suburb of Bayswater, have chosen blueberries to feature in their Friand, as a part of their High Tea menu.

Opening in March 2017, The Hatter and The Hare are relatively new to the Melbourne food industry, with an aim of quality food, innovative recipes and a one-of-a-kind Wonderland inspired experience.

The eatery seats up to 160 guests and boasts two kitchens, their main kitchen serving hot and cold meals and their dedicated patisserie kitchen. The patisserie kitchen is a full functioning open kitchen, allowing guests to watch the chefs create and bake from their seats.

High Tea is at the very soul of this place, with its conception the result of a month-long High Tea event held in 2015. The event held as part of the Cancer Council’s Australia Biggest Morning Tea, was a huge success with high praise from patrons and each High Tea session selling out.



  • 500
    grams of egg whites
  • 450
    grams of butter
  • 455
    grams of icing sugar
  • 150
    grams of plain flour
  • 575
    grams of almond meal
  • blueberries QS


  1. Preheat oven 180 degrees C

  2. Whisk egg whites to a soft peak

  3. Melt butter

  4. Sift dry ingredients together

  5. Fold in dry ingredients to the egg whites, do not overmix

  6. Add in cooled melted butter to the mix

  7. Fold blueberries in gently

  8. Spoon mixture into greased pans 2/3 of the way full. Bake for
    18-22 minutes until risen and golden in colour

  9. Leave to cool for a couple minutes before removing from pan

    Blueberry Friand, from The Hatter & The Hare