High Tea by Monty’s, Pan Pacific Perth

Photographer: Liz Campbell
High Tea by Monty's - supplied photo
High Tea by Monty's - supplied photo

Pan Pacific Perth’s high tea has moved! Previously situated at Bar Uma, it is now located on the left of the hotel foyer, at Monty’s.

The newly decorated premises also comes with a fresh spring menu which is carefully paired with Dilmah’s Rose with French Vanilla Tea. However, Monty’s caters for all tastes with an impressive tea, cocktail and mocktail menu also on offer.

After taking in my new surroundings, I read down the pretty menu and the savoury that immediately jumped out at me was the mini square gin infused cucumber sandwich, so that’s exactly where I started. The flavours were subtle but refreshing and the presentation was second to none. Sticking with the sandwiches on the bottom tier, I then opted for Chef Audren’s Sandwich, which has a spicy chicken filling with just the right amount of kick. A little more would’ve gone down a treat.

With the benefit of hindsight, I would’ve started with the chicken sandwich and then the cucumber sandwich to cleanse the pallet for the pumpkin flower. The ricotta and sweet corn crispy two-bite delight was another refreshing addition to the menu. I finished off the bottom tier with hands down the best savoury of the day, the prawn cocktail in a tall glass. The revamped favorite looked a treat and tasted just as good. I loved the layered effect, especially the creamy avocado mousse, yum!

It was then time to dive into the desserts, which kicked off with the apple, cinnamon and raisin scone with jam and cream, on the middle tier. LOVED the fact it was warm, gave it that fresh out of the oven feel, and smelled divine. Extra points also for the chewy texture, thanks to the fruit while still being light and fluffy in the centre. Combined with the jam and cream, it was a huge hit.

The tropical slice lived up to its name, with the surprising spongy coconut base and passionfruit standouts for all the right reasons. The Rose aka strawberry panna cotta, rosewater and champagne jelly smelled just like spring and complimented particularly well with the Rose and French Vanilla Tea, and so took out ‘dish of the day’. Served in a short glass which showcased the different layers and topped with fine strawberry-flavoured straws, the presentation was again top notch.

The créme de cassis looked the epitome of spring. The eye-catching purple oval dessert consisted of white chocolate and cassis mousse with a berry centre on a lemon biscuit. I rounded off the afternoon with the blood orange and chocolate tart which had the added surprise of a cracking sound of the shell as I pierced it with my spoon. This felt like a dessert of two halves, one being the chocolate mousse and the other the honey, ginger and blood orange compote.

The High Tea at Monty’s celebrates the season of new beginnings with a new venue and menu. The three-tiered tower boasts a range of flavours and challenges convention of a few old high tea favourites.

There are a range of packages on offer, from the free flowing tea and filter coffee high tea for $69 per person, to free flowing Australian Sparkling wine for just $89 per person. Available on weekends at 1:00PM, 1:30PM and 2:00PM, this high tea runs to the end of November so book now and don’t forget to include any dietary requirements when you do. On the day, each person will also receive a copy of the menu at the table outlining each menu item and its dietary requirement status. E-vouchers are also available if you want to treat your family and friends.


High Tea by Monty's - supplied photo
High Tea by Monty’s – supplied photo

Monty’s High Tea Menu:


  • The Rosé: Strawberry panna cotta, rosewater and champagne jelly
  • Tropical Slice: Coconut Dacquoise, passionfruit and pineapple with mango mousse
  • Créme de Cassis: White chocolate and cassis mousse with berry centre and lemon biscuit
  • Blood Orange and Chocolate Tart: Chocolate tart, honey, ginger and blood orange compote, chocolate mousse
  • Apple Cinnamon Scones: Apple cinnamon and raisin scones, jam, cream


  • Finger Sandwich: Gin infused cucumber finger sandwich
  • Chef Audren’s Sandwich: Spiced chicken, herbs, mayo
  • Pumpkin Flower: Ricotta and sweet corn pumpkin flower
  • Prawn Cocktail: Avocado mousse and king prawn cocktail


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Pan Pacific Perth:

207 Adelaide Terrace, Perth, WA, 6000


Saturday & Sunday - 1:00PM, 1:30PM & 2:00PM
High Tea is available September, October & November 2023.


Free flowing tea and filter coffee high tea, AUD69 per person
Free flowing Australian Sparkling wine high tea, AUD89 per person
Glass of Taittinger Champagne high tea, AUD95 per person

Prices are correct at the time of publishing, but subject to change. Please contact the venue for further details.

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