The Robertson Hotel’s Almond Raspberry Chocolate Bites Recipe

Almond Raspberry Chocolate BitesAlmond Raspberry Chocolate Bites
Menu item
Serves 15 people
Kitchenaid mixer with creaming attachment
Prep time
1h 30m
Cook Time

This Almond Raspberry Chocolate Bites Recipe is a feature of the High Tea at The Robertson Hotel in the NSW Southern Highlands. This recipe can now feature in your own High Tea at home.

Almond Raspberry Chocolate Bites
Almond Raspberry Chocolate Bites



Almond Cookies:

Butter – 100 gms
Sugar – 100 gms
Egg white – 12gms
Plain Flour – 120 gms
Almond Flakes – 100 gms

Chocolate Ganache:

Thickened Cream – 250gms
Callebaut Dark Chocolate – 150gms


Fresh Raspberries – 100gms
Dark Chocolate for garnish – 100gms



  1. Cookie

    - Put butter and sugar in the mixing bowl with creaming attachment.
    - Cream it until it becomes fluffy and light.
    - Add egg whites gradually and mix thoroughly.
    - Fold flour and almond flakes and mix thoroughly.
    - Divide cookie mix into 700 gms and make a long cylindrical shaped log and put in fridge until chilled.
    - Take out the cookie dough log and slice into 1cm thick portions.
    - Place slices onto baking tray with baking paper.
    - Bake at 150 degrees centigrade for 12 to 15 minutes or until light golden brown colour.

  2. Chocolate Ganache

    - Boil cream and mix dark chocolate in with spatula.
    - Set aside until cooled and set.

  3. Assembling

    - Make small balls of ganache and place on top of the almond cookies.
    - Garnish with chocolate and fresh raspberries.

    Almond Raspberry Chocolate Bites Recipe